May 25, 2017

What a fun day! This morning we did a STEM project with our kindergarten buddies. We made containers for eggs so that when we dropped them from the gym balcony, they wouldn’t break. They had so much fun designing their contraptions and over 1/2 of the eggs “survived” :) There are some photos and videos on the Holy Ghost Facebook page if you want to check it out.

Wow, only 2 days left! So hard to believe! One more FYI… On Tuesday, we’ll have a “hat day” that Emma won at the Walk-a-thon. So, if you’d like to wear a hat to school that day you may.

May 22, 2017

Homework:  Math:  p. 511 (2-7 & 9)  p. 512 (all, 4 is E.C.)

May 19, 2017

Homework - Math p. 505 (2-9)  p .506 (all)

Today was Teach Day: We had Kaylee teach us about dogs, Luke taught us how to pitch a baseball; Kora and Emma taught us about superheroes; Kylie taught us an easy way to remember how to spell “family”; and Leah taught us about scoliosis and her hand drumming on a table. It was a great day :)


May 17, 2017


Reading:  Read The Incredible Shrinking Potion p. 448-451 in the big book. Then write “How do both stories (“The Incredible Shrinking Potion” & “A Drop of Water”) convince readers to look closely at something? Use text evidence and a minimum of 5 sentences.

It was fun to see the “Rainbow” of colored shirts today :)

Tomorrow is Soda day. Remember, nothing bigger than 20 oz. of pop.

Teach day is Friday. Make sure if you’re teaching us something that you are well prepared.



May 15, 2017


Writing:  What did you learn about electron microscopes?

Tomorrow is Q day and we will be doing a fun review of the year by playing a Jeopardy game :)

For R day, you are allowed to wear an out of uniform shirt, but must be in uniform pants (or shorts)

For S day, you can bring your favorite kind of pop, but it has to be less than 20 oz.

For T day, you can teach the class something you’re good at. You can do it individually or with a partner.

May 10, 2017

Today we watched an episode of Scooby Doo for our Movie day. Tomorrow we will tie it into our comprehension skill of the week which is problem/solution. Tomorrow is Nap day :)

There is a note coming home today about Monday’s pizza day. Please read it and let me know if you have any questions.


Reading:  Read Energy is Everywhere in the big book p. 424-427;    Finish “Root Word Tree”

Math:   p. 459 (2-8) & p. 460 (all)

May 9, 2017

Today is Lollipop day. Tomorrow is Movie day. We’ll watch a short movie and then use our comprehension skills of the week to discuss and apply them.


Reading: Workbook p. 227;   Read Benjamin Franklin story p. 406-end;   Writing prompt: How does the author help you understand that Benjamin Franklin was a great problem solver?  (Use these sentence starters… The author introduces Ben Franklin by… Then she describes how… Finally, she shows that…)


May 5, 2017

We had a great Walk-a-Thon today! No homework except to study for the science test! Have a GREAT weekend! :)

May 4, 2017

Tomorrow is the Walk-a-Thon!  Students still need to wear uniforms.


-If a student had a large circle around any part of their Science Study Guide, they will need to complete it for tomorrow morning.

May 2, 2017

Tomorrow is Grandparents’ Day!  The prayer service will start in the church at 1:30pm!

We started MAP testing today for reading and will continue testing this week!


-Science: Complete study guide for Thursday!