Saint’s Project

Religion Project

“Saints Among Us”

Grade 5

(dates are subject to change)


Each student will research and study the life of a saint to be presented in a power point. A biography, a saint picture/images and a prayer will be written by each student. Incorporated into the presentation will be the social teaching of Everyone’s Human Needs and Rights.

The criteria are:

1. Biography- the story of the saint will be written that also includes one specific action or detail about the saint. This biography should contain the saint name, the years of birth and death, who they are a patron saint of, place of ministry, and a quote or saying used by that saint. The details of why the saint was sainted will be evident in the written work. Some class time will be used for research. Web sites for research can be found on the St. Columbkille google docs page under links for students: Religion.

Rough draft due: Sept. 12  (handwritten or typed) Final copy due: Sept. 18

2. A picture will be included to represent the saint. The student will also find at least 3 symbols that help identify the saint. Ideas due: Sept. 12

3. Prayer- an original prayer will be written about the saint that would reflect the saint’s beliefs and values. This would be a prayer that we can pray to the particular saint or a prayer of gratitude for the saint’s actions.

Rough copy due: Sept. 16    Final copy due: Sept. 20

4. Using a graphic organizer, students will create a map showing how the saint and the student both serve others and how they protect human needs or work for the rights of others.

Rough copy due: Sept. 23         Final copy due: Sept. 25

(The final copy is completed in school)

5. Power point presentation-Each student will be responsible for preparing a power point presentation. Included in the presentation will be: the biography of the saint, a picture and symbols representing the saint, and the student’s original prayer, a graphic organizer illustrating the dignity of humans and their rights, and a scripture verse that can be associated with the saint. Power points will be created in school during the week of Sept.30

6. Each student will give an oral presentation explaining the life of the saint through the use of the power point. The presentation will be given to other classes around the school.

Presentations will be given during the week of Oct. 14

Final project due: Oct. 7