Week of Oct. 27-31

Thank you for the great conferences! I always enjoy talking with parents and finding the successes of each child. Your children are very blessed to have you in their lives.

Here is the week at a glance:

Monday: We will have art class in the morning. The band students will have lessons in the PM.

Tuesday: Today we begin our work on our saint presentations. We will learn how to take notes and use a notecard to teach- not just read the power point to the audience. As we move forward with this project, students do have access to their presentation on google docs. It is something that can be practiced at home too. The plan is to start giving presentations the first week in November.

Gym class in the PM.

Wednesday: There is Music in the morning after we attend Mass. Our next Mass is the Thanksgiving Mass.

Thursday: Saint presentations will be work on again. Music class in the morning.

Friday: Happy Halloween! It is a dress down today. No costumes though! We will have Gym class in the AM.

Have a great week everyone!

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