Week of Sept. 8-12

TenMarks: Many of you have been asking about this program. Within the week, students should have their new passwords and will be able to work on this program at home. Stay tuned!

Drivers for the field trips: I will be sending notes home today with info on the times!

Monday: Today we welcome our Loras Clinical student, Miss Settani, to our room for the semester. She has written me and is very excited to be working with the students. We have Art class today. Don’t forget to send in your walk-a-thon money sometime this week. The rough draft of the biography is due today. Tomorrow we start typing it.

Tuesday: Today we will be learning how to use google docs to type out different assignments and then share them to me. Student may use this program at home to do their homework. Guidance class will be held with Mrs. Jasper this morning. Gym class today- bring in the change of clothes1

Wednesday: Today my class goes to Stonehill to visit with, create a project, take a tour and finally attend Mass with the residence. This is going to be a great experience!

Thursday: We attend the symphony today as a part of Music and Social Studies class. Take a look at the newsletter for help setting up for the walk-a-thon. I know cookies are involved as a part of a social when the work is done.

Friday: TGIF! Gym class today. The walk-a-thon will begin around 1:30 with many activities. I hope you can come and share this with us.


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