Week of November 3-7

Wow! November already!

Here is the week at a glance: The big news! Iowa Assessment Week!

Monday: Band and Art class

Tuesday: Please bring in gym clothes. We begin Iowa Assessment tests today. Please have your child bring in a healthy snack. See the newletter for details. Snacks can be brought in all week.

Picture retakes are today too.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Ella! We attend Mass today. Iowa Assessment tests will take place after Mass.

Spirit Groups will meet today for stories about saints.

Thursday: We will have Music in the morning. There is a skate party tonight beginning at 6. See the newsletter for more details. Iowa Assessment tests today.

Friday: Iowa Assessment test. Please bring that snack.

Today is a day we are honor/supporting Mrs. Dohrer. Out of Uniform day! Please wear pink, pink, and more pink. We are asking for a money donation to help Mrs. Dohrer out. See the newsletter and extra email for more information. Thank you for helping her out!

Week of Oct. 27-31

Thank you for the great conferences! I always enjoy talking with parents and finding the successes of each child. Your children are very blessed to have you in their lives.

Here is the week at a glance:

Monday: We will have art class in the morning. The band students will have lessons in the PM.

Tuesday: Today we begin our work on our saint presentations. We will learn how to take notes and use a notecard to teach- not just read the power point to the audience. As we move forward with this project, students do have access to their presentation on google docs. It is something that can be practiced at home too. The plan is to start giving presentations the first week in November.

Gym class in the PM.

Wednesday: There is Music in the morning after we attend Mass. Our next Mass is the Thanksgiving Mass.

Thursday: Saint presentations will be work on again. Music class in the morning.

Friday: Happy Halloween! It is a dress down today. No costumes though! We will have Gym class in the AM.

Have a great week everyone!

Week of Oct. 20-22

Welcome to conference week! Please be sure to check your day and time. Conferences will be held in my classroom.

Here is the week at a glance”

Monday: The students will be able to go to the Book Fair to see all of the good books. We have Art class in the AM and band lessons in the PM. AR goals are being met (some will be down to the wire) Please encourage your child to work to meet their goal!

Tuesday: We will have gym class in the morning. Everyone has been doing a really good job on remembering their change of clothes! Conferences begin tonight.

Wednesday: Believe it or not, but the First Quarter ends today!!!! Where has the time gone? This is last day of the week for the students! We will attend Mass with our buddies along with Music class in the morning. The Right to Life posters are due today. There are conferences tonight.

Have a great, LONG weekend.! Enjoy!



Week of October 13-17

This is going to be a great week! Here are some of the things we will be doing:

Monday: This morning we have a guest speaker coming from the Dubuque County Right to Life. We will be participating in their annual poster contest. The students will get the directions and posters will be due on Oct. 21. Our class also has Art today.

Tuesday: Please bring in the gym clothes. We will have Guidance class with Mrs. Jasper too. The Drama Club will be meeting after school.

Wednesday: We will attend Mass with our Kindergarten buddies. Music class is also being held in the morning.

Thursday: A regular day with Music in the morning.

Friday: We will put the finishing touches on our Saint powerpoints. You will have a chance to see them at conferences. Next week we begin preparing our presentations for the rest of the school. We have gym class today.

If you haven’t signed up for conferences please do. They are right around the corner. Have a great week.

Go Cardinals!



Week of Oct. 6-10

Wow, how the weather can change!

Here is the week at a glance:

Monday: Please bring the band instruments. It is time for those weekly lessons. It is also Spirit Day, so other shirts may be worn with the uniform pants. Today we have art in the morning.

Tuesday: It is Sophia’s birthday today! Many blessings to her. Please bring in the gym clothes. We have class in the afternoon. We will be having our first Spirit Captain meeting in the afternoon too. Our first Spirit activity will be taking place on Wednesday. It is time to put those leadership abilities to work! There is Drama Club after school too.

Wednesday: We will be busy putting more of our Religion powerpoint together. They are coming along very nicely. The students are proud of their work and can’t wait to share them with you. We also have Music class in the morning and the Spirit group activity in the afternoon.

Thursday: This is our big day at Loras College. We will leave school around 1:15 and we do not return. Remember the concert is at 6:00 and then you will take your child home. This is a big and exciting day for the fifth graders!

Friday: Wow! What a week! We end with having gym class in the morning.

Enjoy your week!

Week of Sept, 29- Oct. 3

Welcome to Fall!

Here is the week at a glance!

A reminder: AR goals need to be met in about a months time. How is your child doing on reading?

Monday: Bring in those band instruments. The music has been great!  Today we will begin to put our saint power points together. Wish us luck!  :)

Tuesday: Gym clothes will be needed today.

Wednesday: We will attend Mass with our kindergarten buddies. We love going to Mass with them. We have Music class in the morning.

Thursday: Today is picture day. The students may dress up for this occasion. Please remember to bring in the picture envelope that was sent home on last Thursday. We will also have music class this morning.

Friday: T.G.I.F!! We have gym class today.

Have a great weekend.


Week of Sept. 22-26

Grandperson’s Day was wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came and made it a success! A special thanks to Mrs. Schmid, our homeroom mom, who had a beautiful table setting and kept the cookies and water going for all of us.

This week at a glance:

Monday: A permission slip will be going home for our concert at Loras College. Please watch for it. Our saint projects are coming along very nicely. This week we start working on the comparison chart. Most of this will be done in school. We do have Art class today. Band lessons are in the afternoon. Please remember your band instruments.

Tuesday: Remember those gym clothes! We will have guidance class today with Mrs. Jasper. Drama club will meet after school.

Wednesday: We will attend Mass with our kindergarten buddies. We are helping them  to genuflect and make the Sign of the Cross. Music class will be held. Please check the newsletter for a family activity concerning our walk-a-thon which is being held on Thursday. Sounds like a fun time!

Thursday: We will have Music class in the morning. The walk-a-thon begins with us on the field at 1:15. Feel free to come and walk with us. Students will get their shirts at school and we will change into them at noon. Goofy hats are encouraged AND bring a water bottle. The weather sounds like it will be perfect!

Friday: No School. The teachers have meetings.

Have a great weekend!

Week of September 15

This is going to be another great week! Here is what is going on:

Monday: Don’t forget those band instruments. There are lessons today. We also have Art class in the morning.

Tuesday: The rough draft of the saint prayer is due today. Many students have finished them early and sent them to me via google docs. Please check with your child to make sure they are continuing to follow deadlines. I will conference with the students on their writing before we do the final draft.

Bring the gym clothes in today. We have class in the PM. Drama Club also meets after school.

Wednesday: We attend Mass with our little buddies. The students are great leaders in assisting Mrs. Murray and class. Kudos to them!

Thursday: We will have Music class. The final draft of the saint prayer is due today.

Friday: This is Grandperson’s Day. We will have prayer and a small show at 2:00 in the gym which is then followed up with an open house. I can’t wait to meet all of the grand people in the students’ lives. If you want your child to go home with their grand person, please send a note. Thank you!

Week of Sept. 8-12

TenMarks: Many of you have been asking about this program. Within the week, students should have their new passwords and will be able to work on this program at home. Stay tuned!

Drivers for the field trips: I will be sending notes home today with info on the times!

Monday: Today we welcome our Loras Clinical student, Miss Settani, to our room for the semester. She has written me and is very excited to be working with the students. We have Art class today. Don’t forget to send in your walk-a-thon money sometime this week. The rough draft of the biography is due today. Tomorrow we start typing it.

Tuesday: Today we will be learning how to use google docs to type out different assignments and then share them to me. Student may use this program at home to do their homework. Guidance class will be held with Mrs. Jasper this morning. Gym class today- bring in the change of clothes1

Wednesday: Today my class goes to Stonehill to visit with, create a project, take a tour and finally attend Mass with the residence. This is going to be a great experience!

Thursday: We attend the symphony today as a part of Music and Social Studies class. Take a look at the newsletter for help setting up for the walk-a-thon. I know cookies are involved as a part of a social when the work is done.

Friday: TGIF! Gym class today. The walk-a-thon will begin around 1:30 with many activities. I hope you can come and share this with us.


Week of Sept. 1

Wow! We made it through the first full week of school and what a great week it was for all. Here is an update on what is coming:

Monday: No school

Tuesday: We will be taking the MAP Math test this morning. Our reading story is going to be about Grizzly bears living in Alaska. Our novel Loser is coming along very nicely. I hope your child has been filling you in on the novel. It s a great book on acceptance of others who may be different from us.

We do have Gym class. I hope everyone remembers their change of clothes!

Please watch for 2 permission slips coming home today. On Wednesday, Sept. 10 my class will be going to Stonehill for a fun project with the residents, then a tour of the facility and finally attend Mass. We will need drivers. We leave school at 8:45 and will return around 11:15. If you can’t stay, I understand, but drop off and pick up works for us! Please consider it.

On Thursday, Sept. 12, all of the fifth graders will be attending the symphony. Again, we will need drivers. This program lasts about an hour. Please sign and return ASAP!

Wednesday: We have Mass in the morning. It has been great taking our kindergarten buddies with us. The fifth graders are learning a lot about patience. The Saint project directions will be coming home too. We will begin research in class today. Please be mindful of the due dates.

Thursday: We will have music today. If your child is interested in band, the parent meeting is tonight at 6:30 in the MCMS commons. Your child should have brought home some information papers on Friday. If you haven’t seen them ask your child!

Friday: It is a gym day.

Enjoy your weekend. The St. Columbkille Parish picnic is on Sunday. All are welcome.