Flat Stanley

April 17, 2012

Dear Parents,

As we integrate reading, writing, language, social studies, and math into our curriculum, the students have read a funny book called Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  The book is about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake” when a bulletin board falls on him.  Stanley is very, very flat but otherwise just fine.  The story goes on to tell how Stanley discovers some real advantages to being flat.  He can slide under doors, go down into sidewalk grates, and even fold himself up small enough to fit into an envelope and be mailed to California for an exciting vacation.

We are sending out paper dolls that your child has designed and has given a personality and name.  Our Flat Stanley friends will visit cities all over America and the world.  I ask that each child/family think of three different places that we could mail their Flat Stanley.  Please fill in the address labels on your envelopes and adhere the necessary postage to make it to your destination.  I will use return address labels from school.  I would also ask that you contact these people ahead of time to let them know that Flat Stanley will be coming for a visit.  More information will come to the host family as they receive our letters.

We will be asking that the host families send him/her back to us after a short visit telling us something about their city and the exciting things that Flat Stanley saw or did while he was there visiting.  We would also appreciate if they could let us know approximately how many miles Flat Stanley has traveled.  In the past, host families have sent pictures, postcards, or maps of the area.  Others have also dressed Flat Stanley to reflect the style of clothing worn in their areas or the seasons that they are presently in.  Anything that they can tell us about their area would be greatly appreciated.

I would like you to stress to you host families the importance of mailing the Flat Stanley back within a week or two to school.  Last year was very successful, but a few students either did not receive their letters back at all, or were only able to send their Flat Stanley out once because the letters took so long to come back.

Thank you!

Mrs. Tuthill