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Classroom Economy Job Descriptions


Are you great at math? Do you like money? Are you extremely trustworthy? Then this might just be the job for you. Bankers are responsible for keeping accurate records of their customers’ transactions, accepting deposits, and verifying their records with their customers’ records. **Strong math skills required!

4 Students Needed                Must pass Entrance Exam                Salary $20 per week


Two students are needed to collect, organize and pass out papers and supplies (including weekly paychecks). They will also make sure all mail is picked up at the end of the day. Clerks must be responsible and trustworthy.

2 Students Needed                      Salary $15 per week


A student is needed to deliver the classroom folder to the office and deliver messages to other teachers. Courier may also be asked to take papers to the office to be copied. Applicants must know the school and teachers well and be able to deliver messages quickly and accurately.

1 Student Needed                        Salary $13 per week


A clean classroom is a happy classroom, and classroom custodians are responsible for making sure that our classroom is neat and tidy. Responsibilities will be divided between the students and include:

-   clean board

-   make sure shelves are straightened and floor is picked up

1 Student Needed                        Salary $15 per week

Human Resources Manager

One student needed to assist teacher with taking attendance and lunch count. Human Resources Manager will check to make sure all students who are present have chosen a lunch and then relay that information to the teacher.

1 Student Needed                        Salary  $13 per week

Paper Drop Manager

Paper Drop Managers needed to make sure all students have turned in their homework. They will ensure all names are on homework assignments and check in with students who have not turned homework in. Paper Drop Managers must be trustworthy, respectful, and responsible.

3 Students Needed                      Salary $13 per week

Technology Supervisor

One student needed to be in charge of all things “technical.” Technology Supervisor will make sure lights are turned off when the class exits the room. They will also be in charge of returning iPads to the cart and making sure all laptops and iPads are plugged in after use. Technology Supervisor may be asked to “troubleshoot” some simple tech problems – training will be provided. Technology supervisor must be trustworthy and responsible.

1 Student Needed                              Salary $13 per week


Are you friendly and like to help others? One student is needed to be the Concierge and official greeter in our classroom. The Concierge will hold the door for students when entering and exiting the building. Concierge will also be responsible for greeting all guests to our classroom. Must be comfortable speaking to adults and guests in English and Spanish.

1 Student Needed                              Salary $15 per week


One student needed to assist the teacher in preparing weekly paychecks. Accountant will ensure all paychecks are filled out properly each week. Must be responsible, respectful, and trustworthy.

1 Student Needed                              Salary $15 per week


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Pre-Test – Please click on the link and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Christmas Carols Puzzle

Here are the answers for our Christmas Carol puzzle! Enjoy :-)

christmas carols answers

Hour of Code

Did you know that this week was Computer Science Education Week? To celebrate, we had a chance to learn some computer programming/coding today. I am including some coding websites if your student wants to continue exploring at home.

Oregon Trail

In Social Studies we have been talking about the westward expansion. The students learned about Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Trail. Of course we had to take advantage of and pull up the old Oregon Trail game that I’m sure many of the parents rememebr! The students asked that I include the links for the games here on our webpage. Happy travels! :-)

Oregon Trail Deluxe
The Oregon Trail



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