Third Grade Religion

First Quarter
Chapter 1 God Sends Us His Own Son
Chapter 2 Jesus Teaches Us About God’s Love
Chapter 16 Celebrating Eucharist: The Mass
Preparing for our Class Mass
Chapter 17 We Worship at Mass
Chapter 25 We are God’s Holy People
All Saints Project

Second Quarter
Chapter 3 Christ Will Come Again
Chapter 4 The Church Begins
Chapter 5 We Learn About the Early Church
Chapter13 Advent
Chapter 18 Celebrating Penance and Reconciliation
Chapter 14 Christmas

Third Quarter
Chapter 6 The Church Year
Chapter 12 God Calls U to Holiness
Chapter 7 Ordinary Time
Chapter 8 The Church Has Four Marks
Chapter 20 Lent
Chapter 10 The Church Prays

Fourth Quarter
Chapter 21 The Three Days
Chapter 27 Easter
Chapter 9 The Church Teaches Us
Chapter 11 The Parish is Our Home
Chapter 15 We Celebrate the Sarcraments
Chapter 22 We Continue the Work of Jesus