Independent Reading:

Dear Student and Parents,
The third graders are off to a fantastic start in our Balanced Literacy Program. Independent reading is an important part of our curriculum and included in our state standards and benchmarks. Our new comprehension program Accelerated Reader is also a motivational tool incorporated into our independent reading. Learning to be responsible and setting goals is also a big aspect of our third grade curriculum. I would like to have each child set an independent reading goal each quarter using a very simple rubric. Your child with your guidance will set a realistic goal of total books read for the first quarter. It will be your child’s responsibility to take time each evening to accomplish their set reading goal. Your child will complete a reading log that will enable them to keep track of each book read. Please review with your child the rubric and assist them in filling our their goal sheet. Thank you for your continued support in your child’s educational journey.
Happy Reading- Mrs. Kathy Nicholson

Please return only this bottom portion after discussing and signing it with your child. This reading goal sheet is due Monday, August 29-Thanks!

Third Grade First Quarter Independent Reading Goal

Students Name______________________________________________________

I have set my independent reading goal at ____________books read by Wednesday, Oct.19
I plan on accomplishing this goal by reading ____________minutes each night.
I understand that I will need to keep a reading log for all books that I read.
I understand that I will need to complete ___________book reports to reach my grade goal.
I understand that I will need to give an oral report on one book I have read this quarter.

My goal grade is: 4-Exceeds Expectation 3-Meets the Expectation
2-Working on Meeting the Expectation 1- Does Not Meet the Expectation

Student Signature_______________________________________________
Parent Signature________________________________________________
Teacher Signature________________________________________________