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Grades K-2 are working hard on their music for our Spring Program, “Creation,” taking place on April 23.

Grades 3-5 have finished their recorder units and are moving on to some composition projects and boomwhacker activities.  They are learning solfege syllables and handsigns.  We are excited to start singing Easter music in church!


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This month, the 3rd graders are learning to play recorder!  They are learning to sightread music, bringing together their rhythm reading skills and their note reading skills.  They have learned 3 notes so far, B, A, and G.  E is next!

The 4th graders are very excited and motivated for Recorder Karate.  It’s pretty fun to earn different colored belts.

The 5th graders are also playing recorder.  Since they are mostly all black belts, soon we will try out some consort music and they will learn how to play in parts — a very important skill for band!

The 2nd graders and 1st graders are studying Peter and the Wolf and Carnival of the Animals.  They’ve impressed me with their listening skills.  The 2nd graders are excited to be learning how to cantor at school Masses.  This is a big step for future leaders!

Kindergarten is learning how to perform (3 steps: Body Basics, Smile, Sing!).  We are doing lots of movement activities and singing together!

Thanks for your curiosity and happy New Year!


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Here are some of the things the students are working on in music class in October!

5th graders are learning how to sing in a round and how to sing ostinatos.  Those are the first two steps in learning to part-sing.  They are learning how to play handchimes, and they will perform on handchimes at our Christmas program.  They’ve enjoyed showing us their band instruments on Talent Day.

4th graders have been visited by our Dubuque Symphony adopted musican, Barb Ehlers.  She brought a tuxedo and batons and the kids learned to conduct!  4th graders are learning how to correctly use their voices to sing and are preparing for the Christmas program.  4th grade has enjoyed showing us what they can do on Talent Day also.

3rd graders had a field trip to the Symphony this month!  Third graders are learning what good singing is.  They are preparing for the Christmas program and are enthusiastic about folk songs and instrument families.  3rd graders showed us some wonderful musical talents on Talent Day.

2nd graders love circle games.  They are learning about the different instrument families in the orchestra.  They are learning how to stay in time with each other and how to listen to each other when they sing together.  2nd graders are very artistic and impressed me with their decorated “guitars.”

1st graders are incorporating their reading and writing skills into music class.  They are singing about animals, witches’ brews, and Inuit kayaking!

Kindergarteners are moving to music, scarf-dancing, and learning to keep a steady beat.  They are singing songs about colors and animals!

Pre-Kindergarteners are also moving to music and scarf-dancing!  They are learning how to repeat after a leader (echo songs) and incorporating their counting skills into the songs that they sing.

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Welcome to Music!

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Thank you for visiting our music page! Here are some of the things we are getting started on in September.

5th grade is preparing to go to the symphony on September 11. They are also preparing for the October choral festival at Loras College where they will get to perform alongside high school and college students!

4th and 5th grade are learning how to listen and creating Listening Logs. They are reviewing how to read notes on the treble clef.

2nd and 3rd grade are learning note names and singing some great songs!

1st grade and Kindergarten are learning about beat, learning how music and reading are connected, and moving to music.

Pre-K loves to sing together and to make actions to songs!

All grades K-5 are learning our school year theme song, “Here Is Our Gift”! Ask your child to sing it for you! It has actions as well. All grades are beginning to prepare their songs for Grandparents’ Day in October. They are learning a new Mass setting, the Mass of Spirit and Grace, which we will begin to use in September.

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Music Teacher, Resurrection Elementary