Maps Resources


As Maps testing becomes more prevalent, more resources are becoming available to parents and students that help prepare students for this test. Sister Donna and I would like to provide for you a website that has been created to help students with concepts that they may find on the Maps test. It is sorted by RIT score, so if your child scored 207 in reading, for example, they would click on the resources for the range 201-210. There are games, videos, PowerPoints, and practice quizzes on this website that give lots of information and practice to young learners. Please let me know if you use them and how well you like them!

Choral Festival Pictures

We had a great time at the Choral Festival on October 9th! The kids had a blast and performed wonderfully. We are so proud! Here are some pictures of the event:

IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0240 IMG_0239 IMG_0245 IMG_0243 IMG_0249

Welcome to 5H Class Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our class blog! Here is where we will be providing regular updates on what is happening in our classroom. Please tune in for pictures, updates, and other information about what our fabulous fifth graders are up to!

This first post will be about science. We recently finished up a unit on Heat and Changes in Materials and are moving on to the properties of matter. The focus in this unit will be on molecules, atoms, and the periodic table of elements. For our experiments, we will learn how to measure density, mass, and weight and we will be introduced to using microscopes. Also introduced in this unit is the educational social networking site, Edmodo. We love Edmodo so far, and are excited to start using some tools the middle schools use! Edmodo will be used often for short quizzes, polls, and assignments to check for understanding in the unit.

To get on Edmodo, go to, and students can log in under the students tab. One of the great things about Edmodo is it allows parents an opportunity to get online as well! To sign up as a parent, go to your child’s account. The parent’s code is found on the bottom left side panel of their homepage. I also have access to all parent’s codes and would be happy to provide that for you, just e-mail me and let me know that you are interested. Once you have your code, go to, and click on “Parents”. Type in your parent code, username, password, and email. From there you will be logged in. You you have an existing parent account for another child, you can continue to use that same account, just add your fifth grader’s parent code to your pre-existing account.

Here is a URL for the Edmodo support page that walks you through in more detail how to sign up as a parent:

Thanks for reading!